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Fast Workouts to Build Muscle

You may want to look like you’ve spent all day at the gym, but you can perform fast workouts to build muscle without investing as much time. In fact, when you perform fast workouts you may actually get more benefits than spending hours and hours pumping iron. You actually don’t need to perform many reps over and over again. Instead, stick to one or two sets of about eight to ten reps. At the end of your set, you should feel like your muscle is fatigued. In other words, you…

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The Top Five Supplements for Muscle Growth

When you work out, you want to be able to enhance your efforts with muscle growth products that boost your fitness and size. Here are the top five muscle growth products you need to add to your fitness regimen. #1 – Protein Powder. The most commonly used protein powder is whey protein powder. This comes from the protein in milk. It’s digested quickly and easily by the body so it can get to work building muscles after you exercise. Body builders and trainers can improve performance and gain muscle mass…

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