Protein Pancakes Recipe For Muscle Gains

Today we’re in the kitchen making protein pancakes! Follow along as Troy gives you his delicious muscle-building pancake recipe.
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Below you’ll find the complete recipe so you can make these yourself…

This is the perfect mass building breakfast for guys who are trying to gain weight.

Complete Protein Pancake Recipe:

– 3 Sweet Potatoes
– 8 Tbsp Oatmeal
– 2 Tbsp Coconut Flour
– 3 Scoops Protein Powder (75g. protein)
– 3 Whole Eggs
– 1/2 Cup Liquid Egg Whites
– Stevia (to taste)
– Vanilla Extract (to taste)
– Cinnamon (to taste)
– 2 Tbsp PB2

HOLD UP! Don’t just copy this recipe, make sure you watch the full video so you don’t screw up your pancakes like I did the first time I made them!

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